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Meet Christy and Ansje from Little Maggie Moo! I am so loving these adorable bloomer and headband set in this gorgeous floral pattern!! My little Libby looks just too cute in this set, I could eat her up! Little Maggie Moo has such cute little things for your littles and you can tell everything is made with such love and attention to detail!

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

What’s your favorite sweet treat?
Christy: Ice cream
Ansje: Apple Crumble with Cream

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?
Christy: Dark chocolate
Ansje: I prefer licorise (especially salted).

What is your favorite time of day to create?
Christy: With a baby, it’s anytime I have free time, which is usually in the evening, when Maggie is asleep.
Ansje: Morning’s for me.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Christy: Christmas. As we’re in Australia it’s BBQ’s, Ice cold drinks and a game of cricket!
Ansje: Christmas time, as the family gather around.

What makes your life sweeter?
Christy: My family, they are everything to me.
Ansje: The love of family and friends.

Why do you create what you create?
Christy: I’m a graphic designer, usually working on the computer, so to create items with my hands is so wonderful. Plus I love the colour and texture of fabric.
Ansje: Because to my amazement, I can! I love sewing and trying new patterns and altering them to what we want to make.

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?
1. Hudson and Ruthie – love her work!
2. Honeycup – such a talented lady!
3. Ena and Albert – Amazing jewellery designer.
Ansje: Sorry I am not the Etsy expert, that would be Christy.

What advice would you give someone just starting out selling handmade?
Ansje: Go for it. We are very new and both love what we do. I do more of the sewing, and Christy is the computer whiz.
Christy: Make sure you’re on Instagram, it’s opened up a whole new world for us!

About you and what you create: We’re a mother and daughter team, obsessed with delicate details such as flutter sleeves; playful garments such as harem pants and bloomers; and retro touches such as top knot headbands. From humble beginnings making babies bibs and burp cloths, we started designing and creating sweet little items from beautiful fabrics sourced from around the world. Each item is handcrafted by ourselves from an extensive range of fabrics. It truly is a thrill to create these garments by hand and have such positive feedback from our customers.

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

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Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with Little Maggie Moo; all views are my own.


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  • ChristyHi Lindsey, thank you so much for the amazing feature. Your images are stunning, as is your little girl. She is adorable. Love all your work, Christy + Ansje xx