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We would like to welcome today’s artist Tania Prosser of Fairy Shadow! I have always loved handmade dolls, the simpleness of these sweet little things fascinates me! I am always on the hunt to find new doll artists as they are rare and special people who create such magical items.  I was so happy to come across this adorable little momma and baby doll! Momma even has a sweet little pocket in front where she keeps baby tucked inside. Libby loved showing me the baby and giving it kisses! Tania has so many different and original little dolls that are all created out of such soft, beautiful textiles like I’ve never seen before. This little doll is so well made and would make a perfect gift for any special little cutie in your life!


Meet Tania Prosser of Fairy Shadow

What’s your favorite sweet treat? 
Ice cream, it is always ice cream over any other goodie.

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate because the milk chocolate melts too quickly.

What is your favorite time of day to create? I love the mornings. It is my high energy time and the light is crisp and promising.

What’s your favorite holiday? 
I love the renewal of Easter, the world green and fresh. Childhood egg hunts were truly magical in the rolling coastal hills of California. My father would pack dozens of decorated eggs onto the pony and take them to the ridge tops to hide among the grasses and exposed lichen covered rocks. We would climb the hills after him with picnic lunches and spend the day in the morning fog and afternoon sun.

What color describes your personality best? 
Brown, not boring basic brown but the brown created by the layering of many transparent colors over a stark white ground with the light traveling through the colors and reflecting off the white and passing those colors again.

What makes your life sweeter? The laughter of people I love. There really is nothing sweeter than that happiness.
Why do you create what you create?
I love bright cheery color, pretty somethings and soft cuddlies. They make me happy.
What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops? The Magic Fairy LadyPandora JaneLove Maude
About you and what you create: Working from my home in rural northern California, I piece together bits of reclaimed t-shirts into soft sculptured flowers for my hair accessories and I make waldorf inspired dolls crafted from super soft cotton velour, stuffing them with warm sheep’s wool. Most of my work is hand sewn. My family lives on ranch down a long gravel road on which we raise sheep and cattle. We live off grid and that means we have to generate our own electricity so I tend to avoid machine sewing which requires that I start up the generator.
I use upcycled textiles not only because I believe that it is a responsible way to produce new goods but also because, as a plentiful resource, they offer a broader diversity of color, better quality and texture than I can find in my local fabric stores. These textiles are often the starting point of a new design. A boiled wool coat in a striking color begs for just the right application and I love tinkering around with it, looking for just the right use and piecing it out into something brand new. Once I find a design I will make a small run batch of that item which means that many of my goods are unique and ever changing which is quite nice to keep the artist in me inspired.
I sell through local fairs, at www.fairyshadow.etsy.com and wholesale to small boutiques across the country and even a few overseas locations.


To follow Fairy Shadow on facebook just click below!

Facebook: Tania-Prosser-Upcycled-Designs

And to view and shop her adorable creations visit her Etsy shop!

Fairy Shadow


Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with Fairy Shadow; all views are my own

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  • Tania ProsserThank you, Lindsey, for sharing my work with your readers and making my mama doll look so sweet in your beautiful photographs.