Sprinkles & A New Cake Plate

Last weekend when we ventured to the Ithaca flea market I found a wonderful women who not only sold things at the flea market but she also has an Etsy store. I don’t know if you all know how addicted I am to Etsy but I am. It is a wonderful place and soon I will start sharing more great things from Etsy for you all to enjoy but for now check out these adorable things that I found from Marion’s Vintage Bakery. The woman who made all of these wonderful treats was so like me, everything in her booth was very doll like and covered with cuteness and candy. You may have thought we were related had you not known we were total strangers, but I can tell already that I must become friends with her because our love for cute things is too strong to keep us apart. After you fall in love with the sweet things below you should definitely check out her Etsy store

This cake plate was the first thing to catch my eye! Oh how I love it, such a pretty pink and a place to hold all sorts of yummy sweet things!

Then I spotted these cuties! These are not actually cupcakes, they are called cupfakes and are just for decoration but aren’t they so cute!! I will put them around my house for decoration and probably use them as a fun prop during some sessions.

Noah did not believe me that they were not real and had to test them himself to find out, he was a little disappointed.

My wonderful husband already filled it this weekend with my all time favorite cake, yum!!

Then my last big find was this adorable sprinkle rack, how perfect is this! I couldn’t leave it in my kitchen it was just so cute so it is sitting on my desk as inspiration for now. It is an old spice rack with orignal jars. The rack is painted and then the jars are filled with sweet little sprinkles, I can’t wait until we have our new kitchen and I can proudly display this cutie!

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