Some really big pink news!

I have been wanting to share this with all of you for quite awhile but wanted to wait until things were moving along. We are adopting a baby girl!! This has been something we have been talking and praying and thinking about for quite some time and now it’s happening! We are just in the beginning phases so we don’t know any specifics yet. We are more than halfway through our Homestudy process and should finish up with that in the next month and then we will be applying through several different agencies to get matched with our little sweetheart! We are adopting domestically through the state of Florida and will be getting a newborn baby girl. Once we get set up with  our agency we will just wait to be matched with a birth mother which could take quite some time or could happen in only just 5 or 6 months. It is an exciting journey and we can’t wait to see where God leads us!

Noah is so excited about his new baby girl, he can’t wait to help take care of her and love on her! Noah and I made our sweetheart a little quilt a few weeks ago, Noah was very helpful it was so cute to see him laying by the quilt talking about how cute his baby will be and how he will cbundle her up and cuddle with her.

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  • AvenleaSo happy for you guys!!!

  • AnnieThis is wonderful news….what a lucky little girl….

  • RobinWow, how wonderful!

  • alainaIf you think boys are fun just wait….. the pink world is a whole new wonderful place! Let the fun begin! congrats and enjoy!

  • Meridee CampbellThis is amazing! This little girl will be so blessed to have you as parents and Noah as a big brother!