Sisters are simply the best!

Sisters are the best

These two sisters couldn’t be more in love! I watch them in awe every day as they become closer and closer and it melts my heart all over again! I remember when Libby came to see Claire in the hospital for the first time. She took Claire in her arms and with the biggest smile on her face she said: “Mom she looks like me, I thought she was going to look like you guys!” We hadn’t expected Claire’s skin tone to be as dark as it is. Her biological siblings had very light skin and blonde hair. Meanwhile, Libby had been longing for a sister who looked just like her. Boy God answers prayers big and small and new just what Libby needed! Our sweet Claire looks so much like baby Libby did and their personalities couldn’t be a better match!

Libby, Claire and the puppies

I took these a few weeks ago when the puppies had just opened their eyes up! Oh, my word they have already grown so much it’s crazy! I just love watching how Libby loves them, she is so sweet and gentle! It reminds me of how these two sisters are becoming. My heart is so full!

Sisters and puppies
Libbys gorgeous unicorn headband is from Indy and Pippa and her tutu is from Plum NYC
Claire with her arms outstretched
Libby kissing a puppy
All the love
Libby's bed

We love Beddys Beds so much! They make keeping the bed looking great everyday so easy! I love this beautiful pink color and the lining is pink polka dot which is so cute! They recently came out with quilts as well. I’m loving this pale blue and white stripe one we got! It gives the bed that fun little pop and has soft minky fabric on the back. It’s perfect for sisters cuddling under during these chilly winter months. You can find Libby’s gorgeous pink frilly set from Beddys Beds by clicking here!

Libby and Claire
Libby and puppies

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sisters are the best
Libby and Claire sisters
sisters are the best
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