Published! Mingle By Somerset Studios

I am so excited to share with all of you that two more of my pictures were featured in the magazine Mingle by Somerset Studios! I love this magazine and am so excited to get to be included in it! These pictures were from our fabulous senior after party we had last Spring! That was such a fun party and a wonderful evening, it is so special to be able to remember it now in another special way!

I am especially excited about this because I have decided I would like to start working more in the blogging and journalism world. I am so in love with blogs and magazines and feel like once I get things figured out and balanced it would be a great addition to my life. I have already been accepted to guest blog for a big blog and one of my favorites(more on that soon!!) and will also be working on a project for a digital magazine that I also adore! I’m so excited!

This seems like a silly time to be taking on a whole new set of projects in my life, (that is since I have a newborn and am building a house and studio) but at the same time somehow I feel a lot of doors opening for me to jump in and you all know how I love a creative challenge!! I am trying to work through the kinks of managing babies and business but I have faith that it will all work out the way it is supposed to in the end and for now I am so thankful for the opportunities in my life both big and small, personal and business. My babies will always be my priority and take the front seat but I feel to be the best mom I also need to express myself through my creative side and this will be another way to feed my creative bug!

I feel that this will be a wonderful addition to my photography and help me grow as a photographer in so many ways. I am currently taking two online photography classes, one more technical and one more creative and I cannot wait to see what I learn from them both and how I can grow in both my personal and professional life.

I can feel this will definitely be a year of growth for me. I will be daily watching our little Libby grow and change oh how sweet it will be! I will get to see our Noah grow into a wonderful big brother. I will get to watch as our new home and studio becomes a reality and I am so looking forward to growing as a women, mother, photographer, blogger, creative artist and more! I really want to just take it all in and live this year to it’s fullest, and focus on the joy around me!  So thank you to all who follow me here and I can’t wait to share our upcoming joys with all of you!

If you are in Barnes and Noble and you get a chance take a peek in the newest Mingle that is out, there are so many cute ideas in this issue to inspire anyone to party!

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  • Seneca LewisSo proud of you sweet friend! I know there’s so many amazing things ahead of you this year! Congratulations & keep it up! xoxo!