Day 42: Tasty– Enjoying some tasty ice cream!

Day 43: Good Times– Hanging out at the playground with Aunt Pat in the dragon sand box!

Day 44: Steps– Taking baby steps to get back to my “new normal” life. Today I read some blogs, am doing a little editing and returning some emails! It’s a start, can’t wait to get home and be able to start crafting again and living my everyday life routine!

Day 45: Romance– On our way to the airport to get our valentine! We can’t wait to see you daddy and cover you with kisses!

Day 46: Reward– After almost a month of living away from home as we waited for our little sweetheart to be born and then waited again for things to be finalized for us to leave the state we are finally heading home as a family of four! Our little sweetheart was an amazing reward for the long journey we’ve been on!

Day 47: Heavenly– After living away from home for almost a whole month for the adoption of our little sweetheart I am so completely overjoyed to be home with my family and my babies!

Day 48: Shared Space– We are now sharing our space with all things baby and are so happy to be doing so!

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