Day 35: Daily life– Our daily life includes lots of Settlers and yummy desserts that Fil makes us while we are waiting for our little sweetheart down in Florida!

Day 36: Arrangement– Fil brought these for our beautiful birthmom to brighten her room!

Day 37: Saved up– I have been saving this sweet little blankie for our little sweetheart and she is finally wrapped up in it! Tomorrow everything will be finalized with the adoption and we will announce out beautiful girl to the world!

Day 38: My View– Introducing our little sweetheart Libby Grace! I can’t believe she is here and all ours! We are so blessed!

Day 39: Center– The center of our attention!

Day 40: Adventure– The most beautiful gift after a wild adventure! We love you more than words can day Libby Grace and are so happy you are ours!

Day 41: Lucky– Such a lucky girl to get to be the momma of these two sweeties! I’m so in love!


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