Mother’s Day – Planting flowers & my favorite cake!

Happy belated Mothers Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day! My mother and I have started a new tradition over the last several years of planting our flower pots every mothers day. It is a wonderful thing and I have come to look forward to it each year. We always take one day the week before mothers day and head out to our favorite greenhouse to buy all of our pretty flowers.

Then on mothers day we all go to church, have a big lunch at my parents with everyone and then mom and I head out to the garage to plant. It is so nice to know that we can get everything planted that day and have fun while we do it.

Mom and I had fun chatting while we dug through the soil in our pots and picked were we would put what flowers this year. Noah played with his Papa and daddy and then we all headed back to our house for dinner and some wonderful cake that my sweetheart made me!

I had asked for one thing this mothers day and that was this fabulous cake that Fil makes, a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and a chocolate glaze! This is like no other cake, it is so very yummy and so very much full of butter. Wasn’t it sweet of him to spend his afternoon making this delicious cake for me! I know you are drooling by now and you should be because it is the best cake I have ever tasted, and you can be sure I have tasted a lot of cake!

Delicious cake Fil made me

We all had a wonderful day together, I am so thankful for days like this! What did you do for mothers day? What fun things do you do with your family on this special time?

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  • SenecaThat husband of yours is pretty amazing, and seriously makes the yummiest cake ever! 🙂 Thanks for saving me some, it made my day!