Pig Basics with Posie

We are so excited to share our sweet little mini pig Posie with you! We got her back in September and she has been a wonderful addition to our home. She loves to cuddle, she is definitely our cuddliest pig yet. Whoever is in the room she just wants to be held by, she loves to walk over you, and she just loves to get whoever she can to love and pet her!

We wanted to share some details with you on how to care for a pet pig. Posie lives in the house for now, each pig we get lives in the house for about a year of their life and then we move them outside. We have an awesome barn and big yard set up for them to live! Some people do have their pigs live in the house for their whole life but we have found that this is what works best for us.

Right now she has a pen she sleeps in, it has her food, water, pee pads, and lots of snuggly blankets! This is where she sleeps at night or anytime we are not around. When we are around she is loose in the studio or she comes up into my office with me. One thing you do have to do is keep everything off the floor when your pig is roaming around. They like to eat EVERYTHING! You pretty much have to baby proof the room, they will put anything and everything in their mouth.

We feed Posie about 3 times a day, we buy a pellet food from our local feed store. This food is made special for mini pigs and make sure you give them plenty of water while they are eating. She gets a few special treats throughout the day, anything from frozen vegetables, some cut up fruit, or a small amount of plain cheerios.

Posie is litter box trained, but with any animal she does have a few accidents here and there. Pigs are pretty easy to litter box train, all you have to do is put their litter box in the area of where they seem to be going to the bathroom. Pigs tend to go to the bathroom in the same spot because they really are clean pets.

We do take Posie outside on nice days so she gets a feel for the outdoors and learns to go to the bathroom outside. You should do this in an enclosed yard because they do like to follow their nose and go where ever it leads them! You can also take them out on a harness and a leash so they don’t run away from you.

Miniature pigs can make great pets, they have great personalities and they are very unique! As they get older they need a dedicated outside space to run around and root around in! You don’t want to put them in a manicured lawn or any space that you don’t want to get ruined because as they get older they can be very destructive.

If you are looking into getting a mini pig or just wanting to know more about them definitely do your research! They are a very special pet that make a wonderful companion. We suggest following @autumnacresminipigs she shares tons of information on mini pigs and is always there to answer your questions! This is where we got Posie and a few of our other pig’s from. She is great and is so helpful to educate you on mini pigs!

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  • Tammy HooperHow much do you feed her, 3 times a day? 

  • LindseyYes and some snacks in between like frozen fruits and veggies or cheerios!