Pastel Loft Bedroom

Who else likes to give their bedroom a little refresh every now and then?! Since I like to rearrange things often, it’s usually seasonally for me so with Spring finally showing up little by little I did a big clean and redecorate in the loft bedroom and it turned out so cute! I am in a phase of my life where I am trying to eliminate bigger pieces of furniture and have more open spaces. I like to decorate with a lot of stuff normally, all the cute little pieces bring me joy and while I am still decorating in a similar manner I am trying to be a little more deliberate in only using and keeping the pieces I love most!

When doing a little refresh or spring cleaning I really have to pace myself. I don’t get a lot of time to work on the house so I try and focus on one room at a time and then give a whole day/weekend to that space. That way I can go through everything, deep clean and even test things out and see how I like them for a bit before deciding if that’s the way I want to keep things. I try and wash blankets and pillows in the room as well and really make the whole space fresh! It feels so good to have the whole room put together!

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