Our Sweet Life: Noah The Four Year Old

Oh to be four and be able to appreciate it! I think four is one of those ages were you wish you could do all of the things that some day you probably won’t want to do and you don’t want to do the things that you someday you will want to! Does that make any sense?! Noah is four and he is good at it. He’s good at making messes, playing all day and all night, screaming as loud as he can and making everyone in the room laugh. He’s a wonderful super hero and can and does charm everyone he meets! He makes me want to pull my hair out somedays but he makes me smile and laugh a lot more. I am so thankful for him and all he has taught me, having kids is truly an amazing learning experience and I am definitely learning as much from him as he is from me.


I love these images and although they are not all in focus or perfect they show Noah just as he is right now. Playing in his dragon filled world were he is the super hero and there are villains to be conquered. He has an imagination I envy. His smile is contagious and I hope he holds onto it and continues sharing it with everyone around him. 2013-04-07_0003.jpg

Only if we could all live like four year olds with such joy and wonder in our eyes (and dragons with magic wands on our walls!)2013-04-07_0004.jpg

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  • SenecaThese images portray Noah perfectly! Love it!