Our Seven Year Anniversary is today!

Seven years ago today I married my man. I was madly in love with him, the kind of love that makes you smile every time you think of that person. It was that puppy dog kind of love, you know it, the disgusting kind were people tell you to get a room because you just can’t stare into each others eyes long enough or hold hands tight enough or kiss too many times. It was also the kind of love that is blind, that doesn’t know anything about the road ahead, about the hardships, trials, tears, laughter and joy but you just don’t care because you are smitten and sure he has to be yours forever. That was me. It was love, young love, untried love, new love but love nonetheless and I was going for it. So we got married on July 1st 2006! It was a beautiful day, sun shining, friends and family surrounding us, a glorious day that we will never forget!

Now here we are seven years later! Seven years and two babies later, it truly is amazing how quickly the time has passed. It has been an amazing seven years filled with both good and bad and more blessings than we can count. We have had our share of hardships and trials and I am also sure more learning experiences then we ever thought were possible. A thousand apologies, some tears, lots and lots of smiles and laughter later we stand here together today as one. One couple still in love. A couple who has been tried and tested and through hard work and the grace of God gets to still say that we are in love. It is a new love that we have now, a much stronger love, a bigger love, a less selfish love, a love that holds each other up on rough days and laughs together on joyous days. A love of friends, lovers and parents. I thought I was in love seven years ago, I thought I was smitten but I had no idea, no idea at all of the amazing love that I would get to experience today and I know that it will continue to grow and become sweeter through the years! Thank you honey for sharing your love with me and happy anniversary!



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  • SenecaAww, you guys are the sweetest! I love how in love you two are, and the example you set for people all around you. One day I pray I’ll have a marriage like yours! Enjoy your special day! <3

  • AvenleaHappy anniversary!

  • NicoleWell said! Happy Anniversary! Love, Nicole

  • RobinHappy anniversary! We have the EXACT same wedding anniversary! It’s a small world…