Our Pretty Pastel Playhouse Swing Set!

So many dreams have come true after we completed our landscaping and renovation project for our backyard. I have always dreamed of adding a pastel playhouse swing set for my kids in our backyard and I was so excited when I found this adorable pink playhouse at our local shed supplier. At first glance, I knew it had to be mine and gave it to my kids as a present on Easter. The pink was absolutely perfect for us and I’ve had so much fun decorating it and making it our own.  

My inspiration for our playhouse came from a photo I had seen on Pinterest years ago. I was searching through ideas of how to personalize playhouses and came across this gorgeous idea of adding a swing set directly on the side of a playhouse. Right away, I fell in love with the idea and couldn’t wait to do the same thing to ours. I shared my findings with my husband, and, of course, with all my crazy ideas he was all about it. We figured out a way to make my dream happen.

Making it Happen

He drew up the plans and showed me exactly how we could add the swing set on to our pretty pink playhouse. Oh, I was brewing with excitement! We went straight to work and picked up wood from our local lumber mill, set up the wooden structure and painted everything white. Then Phil put up the swing for us!  It has become the perfect playhouse swing set ever!

I loved doing this project with my husband. It was so fun and thankfully not too difficult. However, it did require a lot of attention to detail in order for it to work. So if you’re lucky and have a handy husband then this playhouse swing set project is definitely a fun DYI project to do together. However, if you’re husband isn’t quite handy then I’m sure you can find a local handy man to complete the project for you. Either way this idea is so fun for kids and I believe every family should have one! 

I love to create. It’s one of my deepest joys and I had a blast creating this fun floral vine on Claire’s swing. It was really easy to put together and only required a few items from our local Michaels. I bought some hot glue, fake green vines, and some fake flowers. I went straight to work and hot glued the flowers to the vines. Then, I wrapped it around the swing ropes to create this fun whimsical garden swing. It made everything look so pretty and it was the perfect addition to our playhouse.

Adding Finishing Touches

To finish off the look of our playhouse swing set, I snagged a macramé hammock swing from our local farmers market. I also had a custom-made wooden swing made for Claire on Etsy and ordered a pink swing off of Amazon. Phil and I put all the different things together.

We are deeply satisfied with the end result. The kids have already spent hours on the playhouse swing set. I love to sit in the hammock swing and just relax after a busy day. At times we all climb into the hammock swing together. Claire loves to be pushed in her wooden swing. This was such a great investment and has become one of our favorite hangout spots as a family.

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