Our New Webshop


I have been working so hard to get the new webshop done that I haven’t had any time to blog!! Having my own online shop has been a dream since the beginning of Live Sweet and I am so excited to see it be a reality now! So many things are happening so fast right now that I have almost completely forgot to sit back and enjoy the excitement and huge steps we have taken. You have all played such a huge role in our success and allowing us to make these big new steps so quickly. You all rock for helping make dreams come true! I love what I do, it’s a lot of hard work but so worth it and I love that I get to do a job I love from home! I have one more big day of work this week and then I am taking a long weekend to hang with my babies and play catch up on sleep.

I have lots of adorable posts coming up soon and hopefully some sweet Easter treat ideas for you too!

I can’t wait for you to all see the new shop since it’s my newest baby, it turned out so sweet and now you can purchase all of your Live Sweet goodies and Treat Yourself boxes right in our own webstore !! Hooray!!


We have so much new cuteness in the shop right now, lots of Pearl goodies and our brand new duckies for Spring which are everyone’s current favorites! The Spring line is definitely my favorite to date and we have so many fun plans for the rest of 2015 for Live Sweet Shop!!

2015-03-18_00062015-03-18_0002Last month we sold out of our Treat Yourself boxes in less than 24hrs!! It was so crazy and exciting and we can’t wait for more of you to join us for April’s goodies!! We just opened up our Treat Yourself subscriptions for the month of April so head over and grab yours now!! Click HERE to get your box!!


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