Our New Favorite Afternoon Snack


I’m a big snacker. I tend to eat small amounts of food all day long. I guess you could call me a grazer and Noah has picked up my grazing habit. Im not sure how good or bad of a habit it is but I do know that if I dont have something healthy to eat in front of me I will eat all sorts of bad snacks. I also love sweets as you all know so this snack is a great one to fill both the healthy and sweet cravings I have. Noah and I both love apples and we both love Nutella but I was finding us eating just mostly Nutella and very little apple and no peanut butter so I decided to start making us this yummy snack.

Start with sliced apples. Next melt the peanut butter and Nutella just a little bit and drizzle it on the apples. I also add a little honey for Noah because honey is one of his favorites and then I top it all off with pretzels. This is a super yummy and filling snack with a good amount of healthy and enough sweet for your kids to think they are having a special treat! I hope you get to try it our for your little ones and they enjoy it as much as we do!

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