To the one who changed my name forever

To the one who forever changed my name six short years ago. To the one who makes me a better me and who makes me hold myself to a higher standard because I want to give him my best even though he doesn’t ask for it. To the one who’s snuggles make everything else in the world disappear even on those really tough days. To the one who made my inner most desires and dreams come true just by being born. To the one who I hold while he holds my heart. To the one who changed my whole world while I changed his diapers. To the one who’s smile melts my heart. To the one who’s super hero capes hang in the closet for daily adventures and reminds me that life is for living. To the one who changed my name to mom six short years ago. I will love you forever and ever for being the one to give me the best name on earth!

Today is Noah’s 6th Birthday!! How did we get here, where has the time gone? I am sure we all say this each time a birthday comes around, but it amazes me as they get older how much more it rings true. I am so proud of the little man that has become, so sweet, loving caring and just too handsome! I knew I needed to write these words but also I knew I couldn’t do it with out tears running down my cheek. The song by Faith Hill says it best “A baby changes everything” how true is that. Sitting here six years later on his birthday I am still rocked by that moment that my life changed in such an amazing way forever. I have heard it said before and I understand it now completely, “having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body.”

This years birthday is both exciting and hard as he is more excited than ever for all of the celebrating, but it is the first year that I had to send him off to school for the day to celebrate with others instead of holding him in my arms and spoiling him myself all day. I know his day will be filled with joy from others and I am so thankful for that, but my little mommy heart aches a little at the thought of him growing up and getting more independent. So today I had to cry a little, to remember all we have been through and all that is to come and now I will celebrate and cover him with love, and cake, and presents of course, because that’s what moms do best and he is the one who made me “mom”!!


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