Olive’s first litter of baby bunnies!

We are so excited to announce our newest litter of baby bunnies!! This is our first time having lion head bunnies. They are such a sweet breed! They are a smaller sized rabbit than we have had in the past and they only weigh about four pounds fully grown. Unlike the Holland Lops that we’ve been raising for years who have the floppy ears, these guys have tiny short ears that point up.

They have a fluffy little mane with longer fur around the sides of their head. One great thing about the Lion Head breed is that their fur doesn’t get matted easily, and we’ll only need to brush them occasionally!

We got this mama, Olive, full-grown from a breeder. This is her first litter with us and her baby’s colorings are so beautiful and unique! There are five babies. Harlequin is what they call the coloring with the orange, grey, and black markings. She also had one solid white baby, and the last one I’ve been told is a Vienna coloring. This one has little patch of white on the forehead.

Olive has such a good mama, and we are just loving the babies! They are almost two weeks old now and they have just started opening their eyes. A few of them will open their eyes in the next day or two, and they will start hopping around soon!

 We have them up in our big rabbit house enclosure in my office right now. The kids have so much fun with them; Every day we go up and check on them, and bring them out and hold them and see how they have grown and changed. They grow so fast!

Each week these babes are more and more fun to play with. Soon they will start exploring and hopping around; we can’t wait to share all the updates! I’m hoping to do a post every other week to show the progress and how much they changed! You’ll be able to follow along from the time they’re born to about you know 8 weeks. It’s just amazing to watch how quickly they change and develop. We have so much fun with it!

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