Nothing says Easter like a baby chick!

We got a call from my father the other morning letting us know that one of there chickens had hatched a new baby chick! This is the first little guy of the season, we have one hen out at my parents little farm that has decided to sit on eggs so we have been waiting to see if anything would come of it and this morning we got a cute surprise! I bundled Noah all up since it is very brrr here this week as Noah would say and we headed over to check things out. The little fluff ball is so adorable and tiny. It is a silkie chicken which are even smaller than regular chickens and they have very fluffy feathers. Noah sat so nice so that he could get to hold the new little chicky. Noah loved the chick and the chick loved Noah, as soon as we would make him put it down it would start peeping and when we would put it back on Noah’s lap it would be happy again, very cute! I think it loved Noah’s soft fuzzy coat, it even curled up in his pocket for a minute! What a sweet little blessing to remind us of the wonderful gift of Easter!


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