A sweet way to decorate a pumpkin

For some reason I am not super excited about decorating for fall and halloween this year. I am usually the first one to change seasonal decorations and get out my tubs of holiday decor but this season I’m just not feeling it. There is no specific reason for this and I am loving the fall weather, cozy sweaters and warm blankets but I am just so into my pastels and soft and vintage colors at the moment that I guess I just couldn’t bring myself to transform my candy colored wonderland into a haunted house.

However with that being said I will not let the season pass without celebrating with a cute little craft to dress up my home and with my  fascination with the beloved Washi Tape I decided to create a fun little Washi Tape mini pumpkin. I wanted to share it with you here incase you are feeling a bit like me this year or just wanting a fun craft to do for this fall season to bring a smile to your face or to someone you love.

You can use any combination of colors for your sweet pumpkin to make it fit your space, personality or mood!

• Start with a clean dry pumpkin and your choice of three or more coordinating rolls of Washi Tape.

• Run strips of your Washi Tape from the top of your pumpkin going down, alternate tape patterns going around your pumpkin until it is completely covered.

• Smooth down the tape with your fingers and enjoy!

Now you have a sweet little pumpkin to display in your space. This is so fun and simple, mine is sitting on Noah’s little table in the living room making our life a little more festive!

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  • Ashley @GirlyObsessions.comCame over here from BYW! Super cute idea, I love it!!

  • adminHi Ashley, thanks so much for stopping in, I am so excited to be apart of such a fun class, Ill forward to seeing you around in the classroom!

  • Becca @ The DabblistWell done! This is lovely post (and blog), with such a stunning palette.

    Becca (from BYW)

  • EllaOh, I love this! So fun~ I have been decorating for Halloween!
    I might give this one a try 😀

    Thank you~
    Nice to meet you!
    See you in class~

  • pamgreat post. It is simple and unique! And the photography is spot on!

    I’m pam (byw too!)

  • adminThanks so much ladies! It was so sweet of all of you to stop by and leave a sweet note! See you all in class!

  • kittybaroqueDoes Washi Pumpkin taste good?

  • Blissful MediocrityLove this idea, so cute and simple!!