My little Nerds boy

I am getting so into this photographing in my daily life and often find myself thinking how have I not always done this! I mean it makes complete sense that a photographer would take pictures of her own kids all the time but I just have never been one to photograph my own life. Now looking back I am quite disappointed in myself for not better recording previous daily life events but I will now make up for it with lots of daily clicking! My Iphone has certainly become my new favorite daily camera as although I am being a good girl and getting my big camera out more often then before I still prefer the easy and not so much in your face phone camera for the little things. I certainly can snap more in the moment pics of Noah since he moves fast and doesn’t always wait for the big camera to come out. So I hope that you are all enjoying my fun Noah daily life pics as I do love sharing them with you!

Noah is a candy lover just like his mommy, so after most meals he asks what he can pick for his treat. B his grandma always has yummy treats around for him and one of his favorites is Nerds. He has a very silly way of eating them after he gets sick of pouring little bits out at a time into his hands he often spills the container of them on the table and then licks them up like he is a little puppy! These are more instagram pictures(shocking right!) in the first image he is crawling under the table to avoid eating his lunch but he looked too cute to not capture this!

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