My Boo’s Easter Portraits

Oh my goodness do I love these pictures of him! He is such a riot in these and it truly shows how I see him everyday! I just am in love with them and am going to have such a hard time deciding which ones I want to print big. There are so many great ones and if I do say so myself he is looking pretty cute in these! His photo session was pretty short as he does not last long in front of the camera for me anymore, but I was fast and used lots of candy to get these smiles. I am thrilled to have gotten so many great images in all of about 10 minutes that he cooperated but hey I’ll take what I can get from a 3 yr old boy!

Ok so now I want your help because I can’t decide which one is my favorite so I want to hear from you. Each image is numbered so just leave me a comment below telling me which number is your favorite.

Thanks so much! Love Lindsey

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  • LauriI love all those yoga poses! Nice work, Noah! #3 is my fav.

  • MOh my goodness-so much cuteness! # 2 is my fav!

  • Iris ClearwaterWhat an angel Lindsey! Sending you lots of love and blessings. It IS hard to pick just one! I think I’d have to say #3 too. Much love, and happy easter! *iris

  • Trisch RichmondI agree, number three!(It rhymes!)I love the way he’s looking into the camera on this one. But they are all absolutely adorable – you’re right!m You’re very talented and he’s very cute…..

  • Aunt BeckyIt is tough to pick, but I think I’m going to go with 5. All his faces are adorable (they always have been) and the way he’s sitting up more in that one shows how big he’s getting now.

  • Aunt JenniferAll are adorable, but I vote for #5. Looks so much like Mom and I love the expression.

  • Gigi MaynardOf course, I love them all, but I like 3 and 5 the best!!

  • RobinOoooh, tough decision but i like two the best. Noah looks like he’s plotting his next move! Adorable set and super cute little subject you have there!