M&M Treat Sticks

I am always looking for new and cute ways to package candy, since candy is one of my favorite things to eat, look at, etc!! I just love candy it’s so cute and I love color coordinating it with whatever fun projects or parties I’m working on, so these M&M treat sticks are just perfect! They make a fun addition to a birthday gift, Easter basket, or as a fun little gift on there own!

All you need to do to make these is pick out your color M&M’s and slip them into the clear bags, once you have the bag filled to the top stick a cute paper topper on, I printed my little animals on sticker paper and then cut them out and folded them over the top of the bag. I then punched a hole in the top and tied some matching twine and ribbon! These are are bit time consuming but are great to work on in front of a good movie if you are going to be making a lot.

I hope you all enjoy these, I make a bunch ahead and always have them on hand to give out to my favorite sweeties!

Love Lindsey


Supply List

Long thin clear bags are from the wonderful- In The Clear

You can get the special color M&M’s at Wegmans in the candy section.

The adorable pink polka dot suitcase I used to photograph these in and the twine & ribbon are from our favorite Shop Sweet Lulu

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