Marvelous Mint & Pink Kitchenette!

Libby sitting on the counter in the mint and pink kitchenette

I’m so excited to share with you guys the story behind creating one of our beloved spaces in our home, Our pink and mint kitchenette! The inspiration for my kitchenette really came from my love for retro kitchens. I took my love for retro, all things pastel, and whimsical decor and put it all together! I couldn’t be happier with my creation! 

whimsical photo of a corner of the kitchenette

Originally when purchasing our house we didn’t expect to have this kitchenette. I knew that I wanted space where my kids could play and have easy access to yummy snacks throughout the day.

Although it took some time, Phil and I decided to remodel our basement. We created this fun space! It was so much fun deciding what colors to use and dreaming of what this space would become for our family. 

Libby eating a lollipop

Once the Kitchenette was complete, I saw my dreams come true! It became a safe place where our family could spend quality time together. We throw little parties and care for our animal babies here. It really is the perfect space. Even five years later it’s still one of my favorite places to hang out! Sometimes we like to spend our evenings on the patio by the lake, then come in and bake tasty treats. 

pastel sprinkles

You all know my love for mint, pink and all things whimsical! This was one of the best decisions we made for our home. I was really excited about going in this direction because I hadn’t seen it done before. Though I would have never done this in our main kitchen; having the opportunity of doing a second smaller kitchen in the house really was a fun experience. I am so glad that I went out on a limb and tried this idea, though I was nervous. The bright and fun colors of this mint & pink kitchenette create a joyful atmosphere that truly reflects the heart of our family. 

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mint and pink kitchenette

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mint and pink kitchenette
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