Lucky Charms Birthday Cake for Finn’s 6th Birthday!

The kid’s birthdays are always so fun to plan and create something special for them. I am always trying to find different themed parties for them and different style birthday cakes. Finn has been obsessed with Lucky Charm’s lately, so I figured what could be more perfect than a Lucky Charms birthday cake! His pastel birthday cake with Lucky Charms and little hints of gold came out perfect! I couldn’t be happier and all the kids loved the looks of it and of course the taste!

A friend of ours and local baker, Hannah Bakes Cakes, and the one who made this amazing cake for us. She always does an amazing job and the cakes come out even better than I pictured in my head. We always go to her to make these fun creations for the kid’s birthdays. She has so many flavors and she can even do cupcakes! Can’t wait to see what the next creation is we come up with because she hit this Lucky Charms birthday cake out of the park!

I love getting the kids fun and creative cakes for their birthdays! Just the way they light up when they see them is so priceless. They always love a good surprise and love to see what I came up with this year for them. This Lucky Charms Birthday cake was such a huge hit and is so gorgeous to look at. Want to see another fun cake we had made? Check out our blog post about Libby’s 7th Birthday and you can see her gorgeous pastel birthday cake we had made!

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