Love it!: OXO High Chair

We just got Miss Libby a new highchair from my wonderful friends children’s boutique Love Bug! It is the OXO highchair and we are loving it! It’s so cute, amazing quality and Libby will sit and play in it for longer than 5 minutes at a time, which is a miracle! When I put her in the highchair for the first time I couldn’t believe how big and adorable she looked so I had to get the big camera out and snap some adorable shots of her!

We have also started trying to feed miss Libby some baby food without much success! She doesn’t care much for the baby food yet except to play in it! She looks cute with food all over her face though doesn’t she! If you have any baby feeding secrets I would be grateful for any suggestions because for now it is just a complete mess every time we get the food out!

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