Living Room Love

Saturday night around 11pm I got a burst of energy and decided move things around in my living room. I was feeling a little cluttered and overwhelmed and just needed a change. I love to move things around and try changing things up because it helps me keep things picked up and cleaner and I am more motivated to keep it looking fresh and pretty!

So from around 11:30pm until 1:30am I moved everything around and decorated and moved some  more. I’m so happy with how it turned out! It feels so much cozier now and inspires me to get more rooms in the house done. I suppose I’m nesting a bit! I’m excited to get lots done around the house so that we will be all ready to cuddle up when our sweet boy arrives in February! I’m making myself do most of the rest of the house before I start the nursery because that way I will stay motivated to keep working! I of course will start shopping for favorites to put in the nursery but I’ll save decorating it for last!


Hopefully when I’m all done I can do a video tour of everything!

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