Live Sweet’s Holiday Paper Dolls

Stacy Canzonieri is a family photographer in New Jersey. She has 3 girls- 2 teenagers and a toddler. Having a little one again has inspired her creativity to make ordinary moments more magical. You can find her on Instagram at @stacymaeandco

My 2 year old loves playing with dolls so I was excited to find Live Sweet’s Christmas paper dolls. Printable games and activities like this are perfect for little ones because you can print them over and over again.

I knew if she wasn’t gentle with the dolls and one of them ripped we could just make new ones. I did send these to Staples though to get them printed on card stock so they would have a better chance of surviving my toddler’s grip.

I was pleasantly surprised how much my daughter liked the dolls. She kept calling them mermaids and loved changing outfits. She said how adorable they are and i have to agree. They have a vintage feel and the outfits are to die for! She played with them for a while and even brought them over to show her grandma later that day.

These paper dolls are a perfect snow day activity or when you need to pull out a surprise treat for a few minutes of peace and quiet!

You can snag our live sweet paper dolls here:

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