Live Sweet’s Dreamy Kid Kitchen Playset

The world of make-believe is my favorite place to go with my children. I love watching them play and see them enter into their own little worlds. It’s always fascinated me how brilliant they’re imaginations can be and how much fun they have pretending to do adult things like cooking. My kids have always loved kitchens and playing with kitchen sets. I’ve bought many over the years when Noah and Libby were little and now Finny and Claire have their own! 

I am so excited to share with you our new Milton and Goose Kitchen playset.  It truly is our favorite one yet. It’s beautiful modern design fits our space perfectly and has been so fun for me to decorate for my kids. When I gave this to Finn and Claire they were so excited and could not stop playing with it. They had so much fun pretend cooking and baking yummy goodies for us. They definitely have as much fun playing with it as I did decorating it for them. It truly is the perfect addition to our home. 

Finn and Claire play so nicely in the kitchen together. One of their favorite games to play is restaurant! They love the whole family to participate and have us order food off a menu then deliver it to us. It’s the cutest thing to watch them mimic what they see in real life. Noah will even join in on the fun and pretend to be our waiter while Libby, Finn and Claire cook up a delicious meal for Phil and I. This has become Phil’s and I weekly quarantine date nights and the kids have been the perfect hosts! I love that kitchen playsets are something that the whole family can enjoy.  

Milton and Goose kitchen sets are the perfect addition to any playroom. I discovered them not too long ago and simply fell in love with their product. The quality of materials used to create our kitchen is so beautiful and durable. It fits the décor in our home so well and I have a feeling this kitchen is going to be with us for a very long time!

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