Live Sweet

The day has finally come to make our huge announcement that we have been planning so much for over the last year! I am so excited to share with you that we will be changing the name of our business.

This was such a tough decision that I have toiled over for many, many hours. I love the marketing end of the business so much and creating special one of kind marketing pieces and gifts but something was just not feeling quite right with Unforgettable Impressions anymore. It has been ten years since I started my business (crazy right!!!) and I had been feeling like a change was needed. I have grown and changed as a person, artist, wife, mother and business owner and my look needed a change too!

Due to the success of being published and approached by various magazines, blogs and other opportunities we have encountered over the last several years we have decided it is time to take the business to the next level! None of the good stuff will be changing we will just be adding more of it! Last year I had the opportunity of working with some outstanding marketing professionals who helped guide me in this direction. They felt the same way as me that our business name no longer fully represented all we had to offer and where our brand was going. They gave us a thumbs up for all other business aspects which we were thrilled to hear!

Changing a logo, your brand and identity is not an easy transition as this is how you have come to recognize us. That is why I thought long and hard and worked with several different graphic designers along with doing some of my own graphic design to put together our new brand which I am so excited about! I feel that our new name, logo,blog and marketing materials fully capture the side of me that I want to share with you! We know this can be a little bit of a tough change as you will have to learn our new look but we are confident with your client loyalty and our new way of marketing and branding you will love everything! Things are only getting better around here and we can’t wait to continue working, laughing and sharing many precious memories with you all!

So now I present to you Live Sweet and Live Sweet Photography and a couple of our adorable exclusive critters! I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do!


Please note that our new blog is and our new website is



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