Live Sweet Shops Valentine’s Day Launch!

I am so excited for our first launch of the new year in our Live Sweet Loves group! This will also be our Valentine’s Day launch so make sure you grab what you want for Valentine’s Day! Our drop will be on Sunday, January 30th at 8pm est in our Live Sweet Loves Facebook group!

Our drop will consist of our new one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, artist dolls! They are each unique and will come with the outfit that they are displayed in. We will also have other adorable outfits available and some small blankets for them. Teeny tiny cutieloos will be available as well, they are so tiny and perfect for your dolls! Different styles and sizes of snuggle blankets will be available with our past Valentine’s Day prints and fabrics!

We have decided that we will be having product drops just once every month. Each month we will select a date and time to have these drops and they will always be in our Live Sweet Loves Facebook group! You can always get the latest news on our drops in this group and also on our Live Sweet Shop Instagram page. We will give sneak peeks each week leading up to our product drop.

Make sure you are a part of our Live Sweet Loves Facebook group so you can snag one of our adorable items from our Valentine’s Day drop! These will be the only items available for Valentine’s Day so first come first serve! This is how it will be for every drop, first come first serve so claim what you’d like! Hope to see you in our group!

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