We are having a huge Live Sweet IG sale tomorrow night at 9pm est over on our @livesweetsale page and part of the proceeds will be going to the Crosier family who are our August adopting family!


Here is a little about their adoption story!

We are matched with two brothers in Taiwan — they are full siblings and are 2 & 3 years old.  We are hoping to be able to travel to bring them home this winter!  We decided to adopt last year when we began seriously talking about growing our family larger.  We had multiple miscarriages before & after our biological daughter, Amelia, was born so we knew we did not want to take that route in growing.  God had crossed our paths with several adoptive families over the last few years that we have grown very close with & we adore their heart stories of adoption.  After living in Japan the last three years, we knew we wanted to honor the asian culture that we had come to love by adopting from that region.  After a lot of thought, research & prayer, we narrowed our decision down to Taiwan.  We were quickly matched with our sons when they were specifically advocated for through our agency as a sibling set.  We knew as soon as we saw their file that they were our sons and we are so desperate to see them home with us as soon as possible!

Since we are adopting more than one child at once, we are fundraising heavily to raise $40,000 to complete the adoption.  It seems like so much, but our God is bigger than any number.  Every single penny raised & ounce of sweat poured into fundraising will be more than worth it to have them home.

Please join us this Thursday the 13th at 9pm est over on our @livesweetsale page to grab some goodies and support this sweet family!!

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