Lindsey’s Book: The Sweet Fluff!

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Lindsey’s New Book is NOW AVAILABLE!!

You’ve loved Lindsey’s whimsical photographs depicting her sweet pets and animals, now you can enjoy them while creating a joyful heart. Inspirational thoughts and Lindsey’s adorable photos come together to bring you this amazing book!

The Sweet Fluff book is finally here!! I can hardly believe after years of hard work and dreaming my book is finally out in the world! The pictures are what make this book so sweet and happy but the words are something so special and dear to my heart. I prayed that they would be an encouragement to so many, that they would spread joy, give hope, and remind you to offer grace to yourself and those around you!

There is so much of me in each and every page and I can’t wait to hear how much you love it!! I’ve already heard from so many of you that you bought the book and are already planning on getting more for family and friends, you have no idea how much joy this brings me!! I’ve heard that your kids and grandkids love it, that it’s been encouraging to your teenage daughters, and that you and your friends are finding encouragement in the words, all of this fills me up so much!

Thank you all for your continued support!! I hope when you receive your copy in the mail and read it that it fills you up and you feel it’s written just for you, because it was!! XO Lindsey

If you have a copy and are loving it, please leave a review from the seller where you purchased it! Book reviews go such a long way and help get books more sales. If you have a moment to leave a review please do so, thank you again so much!!

You can head to this blog post to see all where The Sweet Fluff Book is available and you can order your own!

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