Kitty Cat Bookmarks: Free Printable!

Want to make reading more fun for your kids?! We created some adorable and whimsical Live Sweet bookmarks for you to make at home! We covered these bookmarks in sweet fluffy kitties since they’re a favorite of ours and another sheet of Boba Kitties! I mean seriously how fun are these?!

Grab your free printable bookmarks here!

This is a fun and simple project you can do with your kids! Print them out at home or your local print shop, laminate them and punch holes in the top and then create fun tassels, pom poms or bows to decorate them. Make them as extra as you want, you know we love that! These also would make the cutest teacher or classmate gifts or gift toppers too and cost almost nothing to create!

Here’s a few other ideas to encourage your children to enjoy reading more!

1. Set a reading routine: Make reading a daily habit. Set aside a specific time each day for reading, like before bedtime, after dinner, or during breakfast.

2. Lead by example: Let your kids see you reading books, magazines, or newspapers. Children are more likely to follow your example and develop a love for books.

3. Choose age-appropriate books: Choose books that are interesting and accessible for your kids’ age and reading level. It’s important to keep them engaged and motivated.

4. Make reading fun: Try to make reading interesting and fun. You can read aloud together, act out the story, or have a discussion about the book.

5. Reward reading: Offer rewards for reading, such as a special treat or privilege for completing a book or reading for a certain amount of time.

6. Visit the library: Encourage your kids to visit the library regularly to find new books, attend storytelling sessions, and participate in book clubs.

7. Allow them to choose: Let your kids choose their own books, so they can read something that interests them. This will keep them motivated and excited to read.

We hope you and your kiddos love these, please share pictures with us if you make them and let us know what other fun printables you’d like to see us create! Make sure to tag us @livesweet on Instragram! Make sure to check out our other free printables right here on the blog!

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