Kittens, Kittens, and More Kittens!

Meet our newest bunch of foster kittens! We currently have 9 foster kittens and it is a crazy house here! We have been fostering for a few years now and it is always a new and exciting adventure. Each cat and litter have different personalities and it’s so fun being able to watch those little personalities grow.

Our first two foster kitties came from a woman’s home who had called our vet to come and have them put down. She said they were sick and acting funny so our vet headed out to check them out. Once the vet arrived they looked the kittens over and didn’t find much wrong with them. The littlest one was having trouble going to the bathroom which they resolved. The black one was born without eyes, so it is blind! Being blind had not stopped this kitten, he is full of energy and loves to run around and play!

The remaining seven kittens came from a friend of ours, she has been feeding two stray cats and they ended up having kittens under her house. She has been catching them all week so we can take them in and love on them! There were two different litters so they are about 3 to 5 weeks old we would say.

Fostering kittens has always been so rewarding, we love taking in these sweet babies and finding them new loving homes. They are such a great stress release being able to sit with them and having them climb all over you. The girls absolutely love when we get to foster, they love being able to spend time with them and help out! It really teaches them how to be gentle and patient.

Enjoy these photos of these adorable babies and make sure to follow along on Instagram @livesweet and @thesweetfluff. We will be sharing a ton of kitten videos on our Instagram stories. Watch them grow with us and enjoy the cuteness!

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