January 2020 Free Wallpapers!

FREE Yummy Macaroon Wallpapers for your devices for the month of January 2020!

macaroon wallpaper January 2020

Happy New Year!

The roaring twenties have arrived and we are looking forward to 2020 being the sweetest year yet!

macaroon wallpaper January 2020

To kick-start the new year we wanted to share a little sweetness with you! Live Sweet isn’t just about cookies and adorable critters, (although we love those!) it’s also about living sweetly in your everyday life. We hope these wallpapers bring a smile to your face, a macaroon to your belly and sweetness to your heart!

We hope you enjoy these FREE delicious macaroon wallpapers for the whole month of January 2020!

Live Sweet Marketing Coordinator

macaroon wallpaper January 2020

Use the links below to download these adorable January 2020 FREE wallpapers!

*Tip: On devices use the “still” setting instead of “perspective” & zoom out for the best fit!*

Desktop | Desktop with Calendar
Laptop | Laptop with Calendar
iPhone X | iPhone X with Calendar iPhone X Home Screen
iPhone 6/7/8 | iPhone 6/7/8 with Calendar | iPhone 6/7/8 Home Screen
iPad | iPad with Calendar | iPad Home Screen
Apple Watch

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free macaroon wallpapers
free macaroon wallpapers
free macaroon wallpapers
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