Introducing the ducklings

As lots of you have probably seen over on our Instagram we have been incubating and recently hatched some baby ducklings! We incubated chicks for the first time just over a month ago and it was such an amazing experience that we decided to try it out again with ducklings. Fil ( did all of the research on our incubator and we ended up going with the Brinsea Incubation Specialist. Our hatch rate was very high on our chicks as about 75% of our fertile eggs hatched. The ducklings were not as great as only about 35% hatched, but we’ve heard that ducklings are much harder to hatch so are happy with what we got this time. We got 9 baby ducklings total and they are all doing great so far! We chose to hand turn the duckling eggs versus the automatic turner we used with the chicks and since the duck eggs didn’t do as well we plan to let them use the automatic turner next time.

If you have room on your land and in  your heart for some chickens or ducks I highly recommend incubating and hatching your own. It certainly takes some time and research but the experience is like no other. It was so magical and such a thrill to watch these babies push their way out of their eggs and enter the world. The kids and I got to share so many special and happy memories of excitement and joy during the hatching time and now while we care for and get to love on all these fluffy babes!

If anyone has any further questions about incubating please leave them below and myself or my husband will put together a more detailed post on how to get started with hatching your own chicks and ducklings.

XO Lindsey

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  • Lindsay | Paperclips and PacisOh my goodness, so much cuteness! I love the idea of letting little ones be a part of something so special. How do you care for them once they hatch? I’ve raised kittens but that’s it. Are you able to hold them right away? Do you bottle feed them?

  • MelissaWhat breed ducklings did you hatch? We have 2 Cayuga females we purchased (day old) from metzer farms. Where did you get your eggs? We are wanting to do possibly call eggs, was hoping to hear your expeirience incubating and hatching the ducklings