I Want Candy!

Do you know that song? I want candy!! I don’t know the rest of the words but it is in the move Hop that we watched today which is one of my favorite kids movies and a great one to prepare you for Easter! I am sure we will be watching at least two or three more times before Easter and that’s ok with me!

Most of you know about my addiction to cute candy, I don’t usually eat much if any of it but I just love the way it looks. It’s so pretty and cute and the colors are just so me. I have always been a huge candy freak ever since I was young so it’s no wonder that I have figured out a way to bring my candy obsession into my work life too! I purchased these adorable candy canes to give to all my sweet Easter clients and added the ribbon and sweet little Live Sweet tags to cuten them up even more! And guess what? I ordered extra’s to decorate and sell to help fill your Easter baskets with something extra special and sweet this year!

We are selling these candy canes in sets of three one of each color or you can request duplicate colors if you’d rather and either with or without our adorable Live Sweet woodland critter tags. They are $12 for a set of three large candy canes. These really are the cutest things and your littles will just love finding them in their Easter baskets this year!

Please leave a comment or send us a contact message if you would like to order a set for Easter. Supplies are limited so order your set right away before they are all gone!

Love, Live Sweet


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