I Love Maileg

Have you heard of this fabulous company that designs such sweet dolls? I have known about Maileg for several years and have a few pieces around my house because I just couldn’t stand not to but they are best for little ones to play and dream with. I am so in love with them and I can’t wait to fill Libby’s nursery with more Maileg soon! They even have some super cute pieces for boys who like to play pretend too! One of my first Maileg pieces was a little matchbox mouse that I got for Noah when he was about 2yrs old when we were on vacation. He loved his little mouse and would put it in and take it out of the box over and over, covering and uncovering it with it’s blankie. It was so sweet to see him being nurturing at such a young age and he still loves his little matchbook mouse.

Maileg is a Danish company and all of their products are so well made. Their plush dolls are made out of beautiful textured fabrics and they seem to inspire wonderfully imaginative play and with adorable accessories such as clothing a milk carton house for the mice and petite wooden furniture for the bunnies you simply can’t go wrong when shopping for any little girl. These are definitely dolls I would have played with as a child and I am looking forward to joining in the fun with Miss Libby when she plays with them in years to come, we are never to old to play with dolls right? I just love how they encourage old fashioned imaginative play without all the bells and whistles. I know that these will be some of our most cherished dolls and we will hang onto them for generations to come.

The newest addition to the Maileg family is the circus set and I am so crazy about it! I think Noah and I would have a ball playing with this.

These remind me so much of a teddy bear I had as a child called Muffy. I had all sorts of wonderful clothes for her and she had a teddy bear family and other animal friends. I remember my mom and grandma would always spoil me with new pieces for my birthday, Christmas and other special occasions. I would just sit for hours and dress them up and play pretend with them. I would put them around to decorate my bedroom and sleep with them at night. Looking back now it makes total sense that I am who I am today as I still love to use stuffed animals to decorate my house, I love to dress my little ones up and hold them close while they sleep. Not much has changed, I am just a slightly grown up version of the child hood me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I received this adorable little fawn as a gift for Libby from one of my sweet clients! I just love her and can’t wait to put her in Libby’s new nursery when it’s done. The little foxy will have to be added then to, to keep her company!

My favorite place to shop for Maileg online is My Sweet Muffin.


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