How to socialize baby bunnies!

The first few weeks of the bunny’s lives we check on them daily, take them out to just make sure they look good, and are getting fed. Other than this we don’t handle them too much the first few weeks. Once they come out of the nest box at about 3-4 weeks that is when we start handling them more. We want them to get used to being socialized and handled, but we still keep them right close with the momma!

When handling baby bunnies also hold them close to you and when the kids hold them we always have them sit on the floor and hold them in their lap. When we do this we only do it for a short amount of time that way the mother doesn’t get stressed out. Also so the baby feels safe and knows that it is going to go back to the mom after being handled. When being handled we always touch their feet, rub them, and really just get them used to touch everywhere in case they need to be groomed or have their nails trimmed.

The most critical time for handling and getting them friendly is the 4-8 weeks. They are usually weaned between 6-8 weeks and that is when they will start to go to their new homes! We try to get them out daily or at least every other day during that period of time. Just having them around and them getting comfortable with people is just a great way to get them friendly.

We love having baby bunnies on the farm, I have always had them growing up! Just watching the kids handle them with such care and get so excited when one of our mommas has babies is just the sweetest sight! Handling them and socializing them is so important so your baby bunny is friendly and easy to handle!

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