Have you ever kissed a goat?

Kind of a funny question right, not for me, I love goats! You probably didn’t know this about me but Im a bit of a farm girl at heart, I just love baby farm animals and tending to there every need. When I was about 15 years old a friend of ours sheep had triplets and the mother abandoned one of the babies. At the time we only had normal indoor pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and such but our friend new what a sucker I was for baby animals so she called me and asked if I would take in this orphaned lamb and bottle feed it and of course I did. I have been hooked on baby sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, & bunnies ever since. Since we did not have a barn this little lamb lived in the house and wore a diaper, it was a riot. In later years I convinced my parents to get more baby lambs & goats and build a little barn. The babies still lived inside for the first few months of their life and I bottle fed them and they slept next to my bed, they were just like a little puppy and I loved it! I have always had that mothering trait in me and it was one of the first ways I could really mother something and get some cuddles in return. You may think goats aren’t cuddly but they really can be if you get them as babies and spend lots of time with them which is exactly what I did.

I very much miss having all of my little farm animals now that we live in town and I am looking forward to starting a little farm up again when we move out to the country. So to fill the void I will often use Noah as an excuse to want to see any of our friends baby animals, I figure it doesn’t sound as silly if I ask if I can bring Noah to see the babies and not just me inviting myself to see them which is really whats going on! So today we headed over to a good friend of ours who just had some new baby goats. Much thanks to the O’s for sharing your babies with us!

These babies are bottle fed so we got to watch them have their afternoon bottle and Noah even got to hold the bottle for a little while! After they were done eating we took them out in the yard to play. They are such joyful little creatures prancing and jumping all over the lawn. It always makes me smile to see them jump straight up in the air, so cute! Noah had a ball running around with them and giving them hugs. They were very friendly and came right up to you and would nuzzle you to pick them up and of course I did. Oh it was just wonderful! I loved getting to see Noah fall in love with something that was so special to me from my past, I know we will have fun on our own little farm someday soon!


It was so much fun and I of course fell in love with the littlest baby girl and am wanting a baby goat so much right now! Wouldn’t you all tell me how much you would love to have your children photographed with a sweet little baby goat so that I would have an excuse to get me a baby goat?!?!

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  • SenecaOh Lindsey…you & your dream of having more goats!! 😉 I love you sweet friend, even with those crazy ideas! And I’m sure everyone would LOVE to have pictures taken with a goat!! 🙂

  • melissaSome things never change…i remember going on a walk with you one day when you were just a little girl. We came upon a garden snake, you picked it up to show everyone and the cousins went running! You had no idea what the big fuss was all about…lol. You’re a country girl through & through and I love that about you!

  • KristinaI’ll be the first in line for the goat pictures!!!! I too, have a goat thing!!!