Hatching Chicks

So I have been making big plans for our Easter sessions and am getting very excited! With how cold it is this time of year it is very hard to get baby chicks so we have decided to hatch our own! Crazy right, but atleast I don’t have a lamb living in my house this year! I am very excited to see how Noah will like hatching our own chicks.

Baby chicks are so cute as it is but it will be even more fun to get to be there mommas right from the start. I of course will be photographing things so you can all enjoy the little journey of our new babies!

What do you all think about another naming contest? It was fun last year for our little lamb, maybe we will do it again this year when we hatch our new little fluff balls. Stay tuned to see how things progress, the incubator is here and we are setting it up this week and our eggs will be arriving any day! Once the babies are hatched I will be doing some sample sessions for the Easter LE’s and posting them so you can all pick what to wear to your sessions!

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  • SenecaHow fun! I can’t wait to meet the newest members of UI!:)