Happy Valentines Day!

So Valentines Day is here and what better way to celebrate than with fresh flowers! When I took my blogging course last fall there was a section on flower arranging and I became addicted. I am now in love with fresh flowers and arranging them myself! While it is always fun to receive a flower arrangement from your sweetheart on special occasions, it is also wonderful to have fresh flowers around all the time just because they make you smile!  It is so fun, easy and such an amazing creative activity. You can all do this and you will love having a beautiful arrangement around to enjoy that you created your self.

Start by heading to your favorite local florist (mine is The Lily Pad in downtown Montrose) and pick out some of your favorite individual flowers. If you are not yet feeling confident enough to pick out your own flowers ask your florist for there opinion on what goes well together. To get ready to put everything together get out your favorite vase or one of my favorites to use is a glass jar, simple yet adorable. Play around with your flowers by putting them in different groupings until you arrange them in a way you love. Clip the stems down under water and tie your bouquet together with some twine and place in your vase or jar with fresh water. You can embellish more by tying a ribbon and some twine around your jar too!

I made four arrangements out of this bunch of flowers and spread them around as gifts to some of my loves as well as displaying them in my house too! I have been enjoying having fresh flowers around so much and plan to try and have them around as much as I can!

I hope you have a wonderful, pretty and lovey day!

Love Lindsey

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