Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we are here in 2011 already, 2010 has been quite a crazy year for me. We have made a lot of big changes at UI and have grown and tried to make all of your UI experiences as fun as possible. We still have a long way to come and I have lots of great plans for 2011 to share with everyone.

You may be wondering why we only got to day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas and why we haven’t been posting much lately so I wanted to share with you all about a loss we recently had in our family which has taken quite a bit out of me. It has taken me a little time to be able to post this but about 2 weeks ago I lost my grandmother on my mothers side. This has been very hard for me as she has always been one of my best friends and biggest fans. She was an amazing women who loved her family, crafting, cooking, sewing, chocolate making, knitting and much more. She is definitely where I get a ton of my creativity from and had shared so many great arts & craft skills with me throughout the years. I had become even closer to her since Noah was born as he was the first great grand child and she absolutely adored him and was always just a phone call away every time Noah did something cute, said a new word, or  ate a new food. I will miss her so much as we enter this new year but am so thankful to have all of the wonderful memories to remind me of all that we shared. I feel very lucky that I got to have such a wonderful relationship with my grandmother and that she was able to pass down to me a fun and creative way of living that I can now share with my children.

As I look back over the year and although we had much sadness in losing both of my grandmothers within 6 months of each other I am so happy to be able to say that I am very thankful for the wonderful families they leave behind who they helped build and establish to love, laugh and care for  one another as our family does. I am thankful that I can look forward on a year with faith and love knowing that God teaches us something new in all things in life and that we can always have hope! So this year I am going to try and be more thankful, loving, caring & patient with my family. I am going to try and focus on the joys in life that we so often miss because we get caught up in everyday living. I am going to spend more time with my family and doing things that I love. I am going to work hard, smart and with the passion that made me become a photographer in the first place so that I can help bring joy to others in all the small things in life.

I hope this note finds you all in a wonderful place in life with your families and children and if not I hope that you can find joy in the little things of the day until you get through until tomorrow. I am so excited to see all that the new year will bring and plan to try and bring, fun, joy and pretty little things to all of you!

I have a lot of specials and other awesome things planned for the next month so keep checking back to see all that we have going on here at UI for 2011.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, fun & funky New Year!

Love, Lindsey

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