Happy Labor Day!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend! We are having a great one here, but it is exhausting having fun all weekend long! We had such a busy week with lots of sessions and then began full speed into a party weekend Friday afternoon and haven’t stopped since. We have enjoyed lots of crafting, hanging by the lake with good friends and some more clearing of our house lot, it is really starting to look like you could put a house there now!! I am beat now and am hoping for a restful day tomorrow of catching up around the house, we will see if that happens but that is my plan for now.

I have been thinking about our little sweetheart a lot this weekend. We only have one more set of papers that need to be picked up copied and mailed to our adoption agency to be totally done with the paper work until we are matched and I just found out yesterday that they are ready! I am driving to Towanda Tuesday morning to pick up our papers and will come straight home make copies and then head back out to the post office, this last little bit has been hanging over me as it is the last big physical thing I can do on my end to get matched. I will breath a big sigh of relief on Tuesday afternoon when they are on there way and we will wait to hear that our paperwork is finalized and we are officially waiting to be matched with our little sweetheart!! She is on my mind and in my prayers daily, I often think about her and how I am so ready for her to join our family. Noah is so ready to as he is very much craving a play mate lately and is wanting his baby sister to get here!

But for now we are thankful for all of our blessings and enjoying life while we pray for our little sweetheart to arrive!

Enjoying some end of the season ice cream, our favorite ice cream place closes tomorrow.

Here we are checking out the lot, it is looking so different now, we are getting very excited!

These are my Boden work boots, we hauled away a lot of wood!

Look at these sweet little bunnies that came for our little sweetheart!! I love getting fun packages in the mail!

A friend of my fathers brought his helicopter over to take us for rides!! This was such a treat and very exciting, it was so neat to look out over all of the things we know so well from a totally different perspective!

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

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