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Phil and Claire
A very special Father’s Day

For some reason this year Father’s Day feels more special than ever! Maybe it’s because last year at this time we were waiting for Miss Claire to be born and it was hard to celebrate much of anything without her with us! But this year we get to celebrate daddy with all four of his sweet babies! It is amazing how much Phil has grown as a father with each baby we have added to our family. He shares such a special bond with each of the kids in a different way and I so cherish watching their relationships grow! 

Phil and Claire
Celebrating the Father that Phil has become

I love to be able to celebrate Father’s Day with Phil. He is so in love with our sweet Claire and is wrapped up in all of her cuteness! I know that Claire will always feel so special and loved by her daddy. It will help give her a lifetime of confidence! Phil is such a hands-on dad! He prepares all the kids meals when he’s home, puts them to bed and changes the majority of the diapers!! 

Recently we were out and he had to change the babies in the car because there were no changing areas. There are almost never changing tables in the men’s rooms, which is terrible! We have come such a long way. Phil is just as hands-on as I am when we are with the kids together. That needs to come into consideration more. Most dads in this day and age play huge roles in all the parenting responsibilities! 

Happy Father's Day with Pampers
Be a Pampers Dadvocate this Father’s Day

In celebration of Father’s Day, I am so excited to share that Pampers is providing 5,000 changing tables, in partnership with Koala Kare, to be installed in public restrooms by 2021! How awesome will this be for fathers out and about with their babes?! Be a Pampers Dadvocate! Share a photo or video of your favorite bonding moment using #LoveTheChange on Instagram to contribute towards additional changing tables! Just think of what a huge and wonderful change this will start putting into place! I for one am so excited to be part of this movement! 

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Happy Father's Day with Pampers
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