Happy Birthday Yay Yay!

Today is Noah’s uncle Yay yay’s birthday! We got to all start off our day by going to church together. Noah always love when uncle Yay yay and Aunt Cece get to come to church with us and I always love having our whole family together! Noah was being so sweet sitting on Aunt Cece’s lap during the service that I just had to snap this one on my phone, what a sweet memory!

After church we all went back to my parents for a birthday dinner and some hanging out. I used another favorite new app called Pocket Booth to take these little photo strips of Cece and Ya ya with Noah. It was a fun day! Happy birthday Ya ya!

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  • SenecaHappy Birthday Uncle Yay Yay!! It looks like you had a fabulous day! Lindsey, these pictures are so fun! I love the picture from church, so precious! 🙂