Gus The Goats Birth Story

We had another one of those magical weekends here on the farm. Mama goat Gertie had her precious baby this weekend and I got to be there for the birth! It was so emotional and beautiful and magical and I feel honored that I got to be part of something so amazing!

On Saturday morning when I went out to check on mama goat I could tell things were changing with her and thought that it might finally be the day! She had a thick discharge and was doing a lot of laying down and standing up, pacing and bleating. She wanted me to be near her so I spent all day in and out checking on her. She started progressing pretty steadily in the early afternoon and at a little after three she became very vocal and started pushing. I stayed with her from this point on and was right by her side if any problems came up. She was very agitated while pushing but within a few minutes I saw tiny hooves and nose pop through. Then she had to rest for a bit and another big push to get babies head and shoulders through. I then stepped in to help wipe baby Gus’s nose and mouth off so that he didn’t suck in too much fluid. Once I got his airways cleaned out a bit I gave him right to mama goat so she could get to work on licking him off and taking care of him. She is a wonderful mother and took such good care of him right from the start.

Every piece of the birth was simply amazing and I could go on and on for hours but now I want to share our magical birth story video! I hope you fall in love just like we did and enjoy the up close experience of the beauty of new life!


Video created with Animoto .

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