Glassware and Notepads by Live Sweet Shop!!

Head to our Etsy shop to shop our new glassware and notepads! New items are dropping every Wednesday!

For the holiday season we have been coming up with the most adorable notepads and glasses and i am so excited to share them all with you! I love having different stationary around the house to help me stay organized. Adorable glassware is a must for when i make my fun drinks for the family. I always need a notepad next to me to write down my business ideas or any time i need to remember something. Our adorable notepads are perfect for this! Some are for certain occasions like grocery shopping, memos, to do lists, and more!

You can head to our Etsy shop to check out all of our glassware and notepads! While you’re there make sure to check out our doll outfits and printables! There is a little something for everyone in the shop so make sure to look around. Make sure to checkout our glasses, some of them have color changing vinyl!!

Looking for an another idea for that special someone in your life? Make sure to check out Lindsey’s The Sweet Fluff Book! It would be the perfect gift for any animal lover or anyone who just needs a little pick me up!

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