Fun with Instagram!

I have been having so much fun using my iphone to take pictures on instagram. If you haven’t gotten the instgram app for your iphone yet it is a must! All of the pictures come out square which is so fun and then you can add cool filters to make your pics pop.


My sweetheart made me yummy coffee cake on Valentines Day! I love coffee cake it is such a comfort food for me. Doesn’t it look so yum!

I got Noah the crayons that you can color on the windows for Valentines Day and we had lots of fun coloring all over the windows, it is kind of freeing to color on the windows and these crayons have a very fun texture and are nice and bright!

Noah loves the number 3 now that he is three so every time anyone says 3 or he sees the number 3 he gets so excited it is very cute! One of his besties gave him this fun t-shirt with his favorite number and his favorite sport!

This is our fat happy cat Chloe. She loves laying around purring as most cats do!

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